Been neglectful of the blog

Have a bit of time and inclination this evening so thought I’d stick some pics of the girls up on the blog.

Big day today, well, at least it was an odd start to the day, woke to an iridescent orange glow resulting from an unprecedented dust storm, I only took one pic, and that is below, but it did turn out to be a morning of great Kodak Moments! Some pics herePICT1443











The girls pretty much took the dust storm in their stride, although Scarlett thought it would be neat to live on Mars!

I realise that I haven’t included any new pics of Georgia, or as she’s generally known “her”, “Ivy, eh, no the other one” or “baby 3”, so I have corrected that below.

PICT1379PICT1382   PICT1390 PICT1384

Scarlett and Ivy are coping well with their new sibling, and as sweet as ever. Per below:

PICT1434 PICT1441  Thanks to Granny for the new dress!

One thought on “Been neglectful of the blog

  1. well jennifer still gets, billy, barbara, ben. and she says “no jen” so Georgia will be the same end up answering to anything. lovely pictures as usual. glad dress ok, I have not really had pics of georgia to send anyone so happy to see new ones. xxx

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