on the road for a few days…

In LA yesterday and today and off to Atlanta tonight… Missing the girls of course, but liking the sun here in LA. DSCN3406

Actually, it’s a somewhat pointless LA visit given that my flight was delayed by 9 hours yesterday and I missed every meeting as a result, bugger…



So today, far from living the Entourage life, me and a few colleagues are working next to the pool in The Standard, where we’ll be for the rest of the morning, nice. Building up the psychological strength required to endure the next few days in Atlanta with 12,000 of our closest Microsoft friends 😐

One thought on “on the road for a few days…

  1. Hey man ….

    Late flights, meetings missed, pools and psychological strength … mmm lets add all this up … boyho 🙂

    Hope all is well man … 😉


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