Working on the house…

Finally have some architect drawings for the house, can’t wait to get moving on the renovation, at least now we can see light at the end of this single story tunnel.

Between now and getting some builders in we need to organise a DA with the notorious Local Council, which may take some time if our previous experience is a guide, so there’s a good chance we won’t get moving until early 2009, frustrating but fine.

Doing what we can to make the place habitable within the constraints of the future plan means tidying around the house and pulling down most of the sub-standard crap erected by the previous owner… A real lesson I think, our house seems to be the product of a long term owner, we actually bought it from the people who had built the place back in the 50’s, and ever since then they have tinkered and toyed with it, never spending more than the cost of a cappuccino on the project in hand; Christ it shows…


A gentle tug at the pergola at the rear of the place (ok, gentle tug with a big hammer) resulted in the entire structure cascading over me, the table and the BBQ… Who knew that would happen? Previous owner I think, hence why he sold the place!

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