Little miss Ivy

It’s official, there are now three strong females in the Tucker household. Ivy has joined the ranks, yes at an entry level, but have no doubts that she will progress to become as headstrong and resolute as her sister and mother… Her determination is already clear, and she’s just fantastic because of it… Currently, she is absolutely committed to standing up on her own, and totally focused on beating her current instability. There’s nothing she won’t leverage to get on her feet, and she takes advantage of whoever and whatever is nearby at the time before letting go for the few seconds her inner ear and chubby legs will keep will keep her upright… I expect she’ll be walking soon, which means she’ll be just eight months old, a whole 2 months or so ahead of Scarlett, who was by no means slow to get mobile. So, as I commented in a previous post, I think we have another live one on our hands…   


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