Got to love Sydney Weather

Loving the daily show the Sun puts on in Sydney, maybe we should applaud the sun’s spectacular performance each sunset like they do in Ibiza, although there’s a good chance they do that for other reasons… It’s true that there are is a fair amount of complaining goes on here about how cold it is, but I think that’s for two reasons… One, it’s kinda nice in Summer, so Winter feels like a bit of a low blow, and two, few houses in Sydney have appropriate heating, so chances are you are freezing when you wake up in the morning if it’s a chilly 9.6c outside.


But right now, I’m loving it, my morning ferry ride sets me up nicely for the day, a chance to sit outside with my sunnies on soaking up the Sun’s warming rays while lightening my mood through a wee spot of photosynthesis… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Got to love Sydney Weather

  1. got to hate scottish weather. we had a lovely may ( which actually might have been our summer ) but saturday night ,mid summer ,70 people for BBQ what happens howling wind and torrential rain. but true to form coats and hats on ,tents with heaters extra tent pegs as they were in danger of blowing away.( First one did on wednesday )BBQ with big cover on to stop Des getting wet while he did his bit.but it does ask the question why we did not just move inside, but no our weather stops nothing.

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