In Tokyo for a few days…

I am spending most of this week in Tokyo, if you haven’t been it’s a great city, in the same way that a Lamborghini is a great car – it’s something of an understatement, it’s a super city on an enormous scale (13m people live here) – and just like the Lambo you probably don’t want to be in it every day, but you should experience it at least once in your life…


Here are the things I love and hate about Tokyo:



That there is a face mask epidemic here Distance from Narita to the City
A vending machine on every corner Lack of English for Shmucks like me
Passion for Karaoke That it takes 25 mins to travel 4kms in a Taxi
City views from my 35th floor hotel room Smoking everywhere
Being tall Fish surprises in every meal
Westernised etiquette Slow escalators

2 thoughts on “In Tokyo for a few days…

  1. When did you become “tall”….?
    Surrounding yourself with little people leaves you still pretty short, just not as short as others ; )

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