Anyone want to buy a house? Toil thrown in Free of Charge…

The ad is now live for 48 Bonnefin Road, which feels odd given all the B, S & T we put into it – you mean, we’re going to sell it NOW? After all that heartache? 

That it will soon be sold is now a reality and the fact that we may not recover all we invested a possibility… however there is something undeniably flattering about the photographs and the attention, the oohs and ahs to come (you hope) – as ego trips go, selling a beautifully renovated home is certainly one of the better ones, the chance to leave a lasting impact on the lives of many, impressed friends and relatives complimenting the new owners on the work they never did, but instead had the taste, wallet and common sense to buy instead!

Damn, why didn’t we think of that?

Do give me a shout if you know anyone who wants a nicely renovated home in Hunters Hill…. oohs and ahs included FOC.


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