Back home…

We’ve been back in Sydney for just a few hours now after an epic journey home… (More on the journey later)… a few things struck me within 2 hours of getting back:

It’s warm here, ok it’s summer, but it just feels so WARM!

sydney 9th jan

It’s also very bright. Sure it’s lighter later in Scotland during summer, but there’s a real dazzling brightness to Sydney in the summer, I now realise that I love it.

Having your bags lost by an airline is crap even when you are arriving home

Love being back in our own car instead of a hire, it just car feels like home


(Thanks Mark and Sarah for giving looking after it and sending it back to us cleaner than it’s been since it was new!)


oh, and we still live on a building site



One thought on “Back home…

  1. you will be pleased to know that you have left gales and torrential rain. Half my roof tiles are missing. It has been lovely having the whole family together for christmas and looking forward to sydney in december where we hopefully will have bright sunshine instead of grey skies. Scarlett and Ivy are a joy and I am sure they loved getting to know their big cousins. xxx

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