The lion the witch and the wardrobe malfunction!


(Ok, slightly unfair, however I had a grab a bunch of winter stuff from the coat cupboard at the last minute and as you can see I didn’t do all that well! I am wearing my Mum’s coat in the picture below)

We were lucky enough to find some snow on Scarlett’s birthday so we had a great time throwing snowballs (Ok, I had a great time, no one else enjoyed that part), building a snowman, and generally suffering the freezing cold and damp clothes that come with playing in the snow!

Picture below right is of a snowman we built in less than a minute!

DSCN2347 DSCN2350

One thought on “Narnia…

  1. what a great picture. its a shame the girls wont really remember there trip and the snow. you will have to constantly remind them of it. did the one with the snow man come out.

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