Traveling for a couple of days…..

Sad to be back on the road for a few days, will miss the girls loads…

PIC-0002I will be in Hong Kong and Seoul, before getting back home on Thursday evening after a day of meetings in Melbourne – fingers crossed I get home before Scarlett goes to bed.

It was a shame to cut the weekend short, the sun was well and truly out after a week or more of rain.

Odd that I always seem to always fly over our house, salt in my wounds… or maybe we just live on the flight-path? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Traveling for a couple of days…..

  1. Well I hope you have a good trip, and anyway time will fly.

    Do you fly the same route back? (over the house)

    Look forward to seeing you all soon

  2. I suppose it will make you appreciate what you have at home and how precious your time with family is. I am sure you would hate a 9 to 5 office job although each time you leave it probably seems like a good idea. xx

  3. “Who” is that cool dad on a plane then?

    Blog is looking great, good to see the wife using the pool that you devote somuch of your time too 🙂

    Love & Peace,


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