Back in the office

I have enjoyed being able to spend almost three weeks at home after the birth of Ivy Hazel. A combination of Paternity Leave, vacation time and working from home meant that I only had to make a few trips to the office and the rest of the time I’ve been with Diana, Ivy and Scarlett 24/7. Sad to say that I am back in my office now and, worse still, I’ll be back on the road soon. Great to work for a progressive company, though, that get’s the importance of family, and embraces the technologies necessary to ensure productivity outside of the office! Thanks Bill.

Some pictures from the weekend.

Left: Scarlett says “good morning” to Ivy; Right: Scarlett at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney


Scarlett at Zoe's House at the PowerHouse Museum, Sydney

Left: Still at the Powerhouse Museum; Right: Scarlett entertaining herself in the back garden



Left: the girls at the park in the kiddy bus; Right: Scarlett playing footy










Below: More pics of Scarlett, Ivy was sleeping the entire time we were at the park!



7 thoughts on “Back in the office

  1. do you know I have never realised that scarlett had such brown eyes before. they are really evident in picture with piano keys. really good pictures

  2. I agree with your mum, when watching the video of her playing in her toy her eyes look very large and deep brown. They are gorgeous.

  3. now does the camera lie. that is the question. Billy can see that Scarlett’s eyes are blue. so why are the pictures showing them up as brown. can someone come up with the answer.

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