Group Buying Industry takes the wraps off its long awaited Code of Conduct

The Group Buying Industry in Australia has suffered some reputational damage through the conduct of some less than responsible industry players, in fact many Merchants and Customers tell us at Cudo that Group Buying sometimes resembles the wild west with shonky Group Buying startups offering dubious discounts on even more dubious experiences. This has to stop. Group Buying now represents a $500m industry in Australia and supports well over 1,000 employees. This is why at Cudo we felt compelled to act.

The Group Buying Industry Code of Conduct is being jointly announced today by AIMIA and ADMA and is an essential step towards ensuring a minimum standard of transparency and service from the participating Group Buying businesses and was called for by Cudo back in June of this year.

Although the long standing Cudo Satisfaction Guarantee means we are fully compliant with the Code from day one, we are delighted to be a founding signatory along with a small number of Leading Group Buying business, and hope that the majority of Group Buying businesses in Australia shape up and sign up to the Code.

3 thoughts on “Group Buying Industry takes the wraps off its long awaited Code of Conduct

  1. This seems a rather ironic post, considering the battle I am currently undergoing with Cudo Customer Service to get a refund for a deal that was both misleading and dishonest in it’s description.

    I have given up on Customer Service and forwarded you the ongoing email trail yesterday, Billy; I hope you will live up to your own Satisfaction Guarantee, even if your Customer Service staff try to find excuses not to.

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