Personalisation–based on 57 signals

I changed the name of my blog having been struck by the notion that there are 57 signals to indicate a Consumers preferences, and that each of those signals or cues can be read at the point they reach your site.

This is a powerful notion and should underpin much of what we do at Cudo, given the goal of any Consumer is to find the shortest possible route to their desired outcome; from browsing offers, purchasing, making a recommendation, checking their account status, Social Sharing or even unsubscribing.

Identifying the individual cues is not hard, the smarts are in connecting multiple cues to the customers intention and adjusting the experience accordingly.

This is a subtle change in how we think about personalisation, which has hinged on Consumers being signed-in until now, that will result in a significant improvement in the experience for everyone who touches the site.

Better get moving.

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