Group Buying – audience by numbers

At Cudo we made a decision to do things differently.

Until Cudo came along, Group Buying business were based on the following core principles:


Long term this approach is seriously flawed.

Database-driven Group Buying is a race to zero. Competing primarily on database size means a group buying company is vulnerable to being undercut on commission (revenue share) by competitors with similarly sized or smaller bases. We are already seeing a significant reduction in share from 4 of the top 5 Group Buying business in Australia (Scoopon as little of 10%, Spreets <30%, Jumponit <40%, ourdeal <30%) . Only Cudo is holding share at 50% on each and every offer (averaging 49.6% revenue share to date).

Another key flaw in the database-driven approach and a common complaint from Merchants around the  world is that the average voucher buyer looks more like a bargain hunter than the Merchant’s target customer, meaning less strategic value for the merchant, making the overall category less attractive to Merchants over time.

Cudo is not database-driven. By promoting the Merchant and their Offer on TV and through ninemsn – Australia’s largest portal – Cudo provides a fresh new audience to each offer, resulting in around 30% or more of the vouchers being sold to new Cudo customers who came to Cudo specifically to trial that Merchant’s offer.


That said, Cudo has a market leading audience too, both in terms of its member base (more than 500,000 members)and it’s regular visitors, ranked number 1 with 788k visitors in December by Nielsen NetView. We also lead the market when Net Revenue is measured, a critical, long term measure of a businesses’ sustainability. And lastly, and most importantly, we lead the market in Merchant satisfaction, driving the best outcomes for Merchants every day!

At Cudo we have created a new approach to Group Buying, at least two of our key competitors have recognised this and have begun adjusting their model, let’s hope it’s not too late for them, it’s hard to pull-up from a race to zero!

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