Gerald, who the F**k is Gerald?

I was delighted to discover that I have a deceased relative called Gerald Tucker, albeit he sadly passed away it seems! But what’s this? He has an estate? wowser! Well, I didn’t know him, and, well, have never heard of him, but sure, why not? I may be his rightful heir! But he did contact me via Facebook, so it’s pucker for sure.

Please don’t suggest this might be a Nigerian scam, non! The gentlemen handling the estate is in Hong Kong, a Mister Shang Lee Esq.! I happen to know that HK is a long way from Abuja. May be worth pursuing after all, could be bucks in it for me! Even if I do have to shell out a small admin fee, say, a few hundred dollars.

Here’s the email:



New name, new “location”, new channel. Same old crap.

If you get this. Ignore it. 419 in disguise.

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