Android Phone beats iPhone, industry wins.

Ok, so I shouldn’t be ecstatic, but iPhone (at 21% share) being dethroned to 3rd spot behind Blackberry (36%) and Android (28%) in the US (Q1) means three things:

  • Switching cost is lower than originally thought

Given Apple’s mastery of the iPhone Ap Store, and the resulting average investment made by each user there was an incorrect assumption that iPhone customers would be highly resistant to switching platforms and losing access to their aps, not so.

  • OEM strategy still makes a ton of sense

Google have done an amazing job with the Android OS, moreover the Open Alliance is little different to Microsoft’s own approach to partnering with OEMs, great reinforcement of the potential of Windows Phone 7

  • iPhone is not infallible

Apple’s ascent has seemed unstoppable in the recent months, with Apple TV ranking as their principal failure, but Blackberry’s continued dominance of Business Mobility and Android’s performance in Consumer have served to remind us of the fragility of the market, something Apple could easily have forgotten.

Still, the iPhone 4G is just around the corner so the Wizards of Cupertino will rise again very soon; happy to enjoy the moment though!

Roll on Windows Phone 7, the fight is absolutely on.

One thought on “Android Phone beats iPhone, industry wins.

  1. Great to see the iPhone get some competition – but do you reckon the iPhone would be in third if it wasn’t saddled with AT&T as the only network provider?

    I’m yet to find a device that is as intuitive and simple to use as the iPhone – hoping Android can step up and maybe, just maybe, Windows 7 can be a player too.

    More competition = better for consumers!

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