Correction: The iPAD will be a huge success!

I posted earlier that the iPAD launch was a relative failure for Apple, a company increasingly used to widespread adulation and awe when they flick something white and shiny to the hoi polloi, but I think I was wrong.

In reality, the iPhone underwhelmed the market at launch. It was pricey and short on features. Same too for the iPOD, again it was pricey and basic when compared to the iRiver or Creative devices available at the time. In each case though there were unique, subtle elements that would go on to drive frenzied levels of consumer desire for Apple’s gear. The iPOD brought instant cool via white earbuds, simple but unique and instantly recognisable. The iPhone’s Ap Store created a hundred thousand product demos, and millions of iPhone owners all too eagre to show off even the most inane ap (shaker restaurant finder anyone?) to their friends. And I suspect the first tranche of iPAD owners will willingly justify their purchase with Had to Have platitudes, that’s human nature I suppose.

And beyond the certainty that the iPAD will have some must-have attributes, albeit they are less than obvious today, there is a large base of Apple fans out there who must have Apple’s Latest, period. I suspect that base of loyal followers to number in the tens of millions, let’s call them iSheep for the sake of providing a Noun, offering Apple a sizable base of early adopters less sensitive to price or usability who will ably fund the evolution of the iPAD into the ultimate device it so easily could have been, while convincing the market as a whole that the iPAD is indeed a must, must, must have! Which it isn’t.

But it will succeed. Of course it will. Damn you Apple!

Still, The Simpsons get it, least we can do it have a chuckle. Click the image.


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