Ok Facebook, you win!

I have decided to delete or repurpose my blog in favour of posting family updates, pictures and videos etc to Facebook instead. There are two real reasons for doing that:

Firstly, Facebook reaches all the people I want to publish updates to, and anyone not currently on Facebook, can be added to updates by email if need be.

Secondly, Facebook reaches all the people I want to publish updates to  AND NO MORE, and I therefore have the ability to control who sees some often personal updates in a way I can’t do on my blog.

This second point, around privacy, is increasingly important; through the analytics second of the blog I have the ability to see how folks land on the blog, and as the discoverability of the blog grows, the random nature of that discovery also grows and as a consequence my ability to control who is likely to see the updates decreases.

I’m kinda sad because I liked having the blog there, I felt that it was somehow perpetual, like a record, but for the reasons mentioned above I just don’t need to associated risk given Facebook’s growing ubiquity.

One thought on “Ok Facebook, you win!

  1. Oh I can understand why you doing it but I shall miss looking in. Twice a day without fail I read your twitter and check if you,ve posted anything. so updates by e mail it will have to be. xxxxxx

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