Christmas in Sydney

Diana and I realised that spending Christmas on our own in Sydney was a pretty rare occurrence, the last time was in 2006! I must admit that all the talk of snow in Scotland made me briefly wish we were there, or, made me wish we were there briefly, either way the thought passed when the kids woke on Christmas day morning to find that Santa had been, their faces lit.

We spent some time opening gifts with Mum, Aunt Hazel, Jen and Barbara on web cam, Windows Live Messenger worked flawlessly and the family back home were able to witness first hand the Girls’ erratic excitement, especially at having received an apple from Santa, and no, not the white kind! In fact Scarlett still ranks the apple in her top three gifts of the year!

Present opening was in two parts, broken up by pikelets for breakfast. Great thing about this Christmas, now that Scarlett is turning 4, is that you can get a real sense of how fantastic each Christmas will be as the girls grow and appreciate the day even more than they do today.

Thanks to everyone for fab gifts!

One thought on “Christmas in Sydney

  1. well somehow I had missed what you had written here although I had seen the video of the girls singing. glad everything was ok. xxxx

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