Ivy’s weekend fiasco!

Once again we find ourselves in the emergency room, little Ivy and I! This time, although much like the last, was much less stressful given a) we were in Sydney rather than Hong Kong, b) the decline of Swine Flu has meant that masks are no longer a requirement, and c) no blood was to be found pouring down Ivy’s face! IMAG0001

In fact, given how familiar we now seem to be with the process of stitching up our middle child’s face, we called ahead to the hospital to confirm gas-and-air was on offer (for Ivy of course!) to avoid the extreme stress of applying sutures sans aesthetic as happened in HK!

With the promise of a short-ish queue and a paediatric unit we headed to North Shore Hospital, in my car as a distraction!

With triage being what it is, and there being no new blood to speak of, and Ivy behaving like the perfect little girl she is now and again, we waited, and waited… Case upon case were seen before us, until shortly before 11pm we were seen, ug.

Within 15 minutes were were done; some glue was applied but not a single tear was shed, my little Ivy now has scar number three to talk about when she grows up. Poor thing.

IMAG0008[1] (2) IMAG0009

 IMAG0010 IMAG0011

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