Hot day in Sydney

There is a basic assumption that a hot day is a good thing, well, not so.

Today in Sydney it reached 39c in the West of the City, it felt pretty warm for a spring day, in fact it felt pretty warm for any day, especially as it is now quarter to midnight and it is still around 30c! And that is the issue, warm days are bearable, even above 40c can be tollerated, but when it gets past 8pm it had better be below 30c!

Also, unlike heaters, no one wants to sit in the path of an airconditioner all evening, far less sleep next to one, but when it’s this balmy, you have no choice, it’s gross! The kids don’t sleep well either, and nor for that matter do I, which means that my wife doesn’t sleep well either! Worse still, the FBI released a report in 2004 corrolating hot weather with murder rates!

So don’t tell me that Hot Weather is good weather, just because it may be cold and windy where you are, Hot weather comes with its own problems too you know!

One thought on “Hot day in Sydney

  1. is this you having a rant !!!!. what we need is a happy medium. us less rain and wind. you not so hot and humid, then we would all be happy. xxx

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