last day as a quartet…?

So after a few little contractions last night (easy for me to say that they were “little”) we shipped the girls off to Diana’s aunt for the night, just in case. PICT1064

PICT1069Given Scarlett and Ivy both arrived on or within 24 hours of their due date, we are taking the suggested date pretty seriously.

Diana is officially due tomorrow, the 24th, so there’s every chance we will be five either tomorrow or Tuesday.

PICT1075Luckily the weather was fantastic this weekend so we got to spend a ton of time with the kids getting the house ready, swimming and playing in the park. Some pics below and I may put a video on Vimeo in the next few hours.  PICT1077

In terms of preparation we haven’t done all that much, not 100% sure of names yet, but we have two or three of each. Hamish, Georgia and Camille are still in there but not sure where we’ll end up. Anyway, before we worry about that, there’s some pushing to do, innit bun? 

























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