Trip to Balmoral with the girls

Chilly day in Sydney but nice and sunny – good chance to escape to the beach this afternoon with the girls for a play on the beach. Diana has only 2 and a bit weeks to go before her due date so is not all that comfortable, I guess that makes sense… At least Scarlett was born in summer and Ivy in Spring so swimming was an easier option, weightless has never looked so good I imagine!

PICT0860 PICT0867 PICT0876 PICT0878 PICT0879 PICT0882 PICT0884 PICT0886 PICT0889 PICT0894 PICT0897 PICT0901 PICT0902 PICT0908 PICT0922 PICT0929 PICT0931

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