What a difference a year makes…

This time in 2008 I was travelling to Asia or the US every two weeks, seemed like a good idea at the time however it’s now easy to reflect on that period as being entirely unsustainable; that Diana managed to cope with the little monkeys whilst renovating two homes and moving house as I spent 30 – 40% of my time out of the country was simply amazing.

Ivy looked like this:


And Scarlett like this:

mine as well







We had just visited Hamilton Island : Hamilton Island vacation

I was about head to the Annual Microsoft convention in Atlanta (avoiding the trip this year due to impending baby!)

In LA before heading to Atlanta

Love to say that we are relaxing now, but upcoming renovation and the arrival of baby #3 means we have a busy 3 months ahead… Good to be home though! Very very good to be home.

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