Blue Steel expressions as far as the eye can see in Hong Kong!


One of those things that just catches your eye, and once you’ve noticed it can go one of two ways, become increasingly funny, or annoying! In this case, very much the former….

It seems that there is a culture of posing for each and every snap taken, often with fingers victory_zeichen.jpgraised in an unmerited two-handed victory sign, sometimes hand on chin, looking churlish and/or surprised, sometimes just pouted, the original and still the best “Blue Steel”… Either way the efforts of family Tucker to look plain old happy just didn’t meet the mark. In fact by the end of one ride at Hong Kong Disney, through the mind numbingly annoying Small World (kids loved it!), the couple in the barge ahead of us had managed at least 20 separate poses and looked fit for another 20! Here’s just one of them: amazing.


Just out of curiosity, I searched on flickr’ for Hong Kong Disney and quickly found this image, although the wedding picture and the random kids on the bus below proves my point completely I think! Quod erat demonstrandum

Hong Kong 2008 by WdwParkBoy

Hong Kong 047 by HAKANU






Friendly Hong Kongers by Aaron Baricante

One thought on “Blue Steel expressions as far as the eye can see in Hong Kong!

  1. when we were in Hong Kong we were very aware of the posing for picts. especially on the footpath at the harbour where there is a statue to Bruce lee. the two finger pose.what is that all about !!!!!

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