what happened to Ivy….

So five minutes after checking into our hotel in Hong Kong Ivy makes a solid thump as she plants her face onto the ridiculously-sharp edge of a low lying cabinet, she managed to cut herself to the bone across the bridge of her nose. Typically, she was kind of ok about the whole thing once she accessed her dummy – Diana and I was less impressed.

The cut was severe enough to require an ambulance trip to the nearest Hong Kong hospital, which meant a 30 minute drive in a seemingly sluggish ambulance!

Once at the hospital the full impact of the current Swine-Flu-Paranoia pandemic set in, masks as far as the eye could see. There was even a TV crew at the door, optimistic that the family of foreigners were the next carriers! Once they spotted Ivy’s bloody face they moved on.

Here comes the hard part of the whole saga. Little Ivy needed three stitches, and poor Daddy had to wrap her in a sheet to contain her surprisingly strong limbs. While I held her head the inept nurse stuck two inch long needles into the wound for local pain relief before butchering her way through three sutures!

By the end of the ad hoc torture session Ivy was beyond traumatised, as was I. There were bruises on her head from me holding her and she wanted nothing to do with me for 24 hours!

I prey nothing like this happens again until Ivy is at least 5!

PICT0218 PICT0217 


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