Trip Planning… Update


Dates ring fenced:

April 19th – Singapore – Hopefully have lunch with Mark, Sarah and the kids and meet with Carmina & Damien for a coffee

April 20th – London – Nottingham – land first thing, pick up car and drive to Nottingham

April 22nd – Nottingham – Barbara’s birthday

April 23rd – Nottingham to Scotland

April ? – Jayne and Graeme – TBD

May 1st – Scotland – FREE

May 2nd – Scotland – Nottingham – Barbara’s party

May 3rd – Nottingham – London – Peter and Kats?

May 7th and 8th – Hong Kong – Hong Kong Disney!

May 9th – Hong Kong – Hopefully have lunch with Phil, Lisa and kids

4 thoughts on “Trip Planning… Update

  1. we’ll glad your all sorted out with flights ect.Hope your coming to scotland as well. snow has arrived in uk and I believe we have all come to a stand still. xx

  2. that looks fab, when will you be in scotland?
    Are you going to be in nottingham for the full time instead? xx

  3. great news – if anyone is reading this and hasn’t been invited to my party it’s because the invitation’s haven’t gone out yet!

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