Trip Planning… Update


Dates ring fenced:

April 19th – Singapore – Hopefully have lunch with Mark, Sarah and the kids and meet with Carmina & Damien for a coffee

April 20th – London – Nottingham – land first thing, pick up car and drive to Nottingham

April 22nd – Nottingham – Barbara’s birthday

April 23rd – Nottingham to Scotland

April ? – Jayne and Graeme – TBD

May 1st – Scotland – FREE

May 2nd – Scotland – Nottingham – Barbara’s party

May 3rd – Nottingham – London – Peter and Kats?

May 7th and 8th – Hong Kong – Hong Kong Disney!

May 9th – Hong Kong – Hopefully have lunch with Phil, Lisa and kids


I realise of course that it’s a wee bit late to be adding weekend pictures, but hey, it’s been busy here!

Saturday mostly at home, some time on the trampoline and washing my car. Sunday we wan’t for lunch to celebrate Ujna’s birthday (happy birthday Ujna!).



PICT9332    PICT9331


Look out for the pictures of Scarlett, I think she look beautiful!

Ivy doesn't like calamari PICT9373

PICT9367 PICT9371

PICT9377 PICT9364