Weekend… Birthday parties, hot days

Lovely weekend in Sydney, glad though that the end of the birthday’s is near… PICT9070The first wave of kids from Diana’s Mothers’ Group have pretty much all had their birthdays by now, which is great. Lovely catching up with the dad’s etc, however the parties are generally a bit intense.

PICT9079Saturday was Gemma’s party in a play centre close by, lots of manic kids indoors on a 35c day, the play centre didn’t have terrific air conditioning, not that the kids cared, which meant that the parents were even less enthusiastic that normal about all the running around!Amelia 


sugar kicked in just in time for dancing!




Sunday started with swimming before we headed over to Amelia’s house for her birthday, had a great time in the back garden with a pool and some toys, all good… After lunch we messed around inflatable pool at home before giving my car a wash.

PICT9138 PICT9143

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