Home sweet home

Glad to be back in Sydney after a few days in Vegas.

I think this picture from the Domestic terminal @ McCarran airport  sums it up, like normal life, but with a bit of a twist at every turn. Oddly, having such a large amount of gambling machines at the far end of a departure terminal doesn’t seem odd when you’ve spent the past few days in Vegas!


Evenings in Vegas are the most spectacular, it’s clearly a nocturnal town, everyone knows that, but it’s easy to forget just how much it comes alive after dark.


7/10th scale versions of the world’s architectural masterpieces are dotted around, bright lit for maximum impact and housing restaurants, casinos or retail stores; or escalators that take you to casinos or retail stores; none of the marvels on display were built out of love of course, or as upright stone demigods to keep the people in awe, each an every one serves a single purpose, aesthetic one-upmanship designed to draw in the weak and the vulnerable!


The hotels are pretty magnificent too…


PICT8831 PICT8824

In no hurry to go back, one trip every five reach is about right!

2 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. I’ve got a new name for you ‘Jet Set Billy’, Vegas looks stunning, is it better than the metro centre?

  2. I have to say I loved vegas but could only think of spending a couple of days there. when you went to bed at night and got up in the morning the same white faces were still there playing the slots like zombies. It is a fabulous place to see for the first time though and I doubt I shall ever be back but happy memories.

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