Living in a building site – part 2

Here’s a current picture of our kitchen, no not the outdoor one mentioned below, the real one.

Good news is that deconstruction finished quickly and Rob Lowe and the boys were quickly into construction mode. Kitchen arrives Wednesday, and it will be installed by Friday – leaving only the worktop, splashback, electrics and gas to go!


5 thoughts on “Living in a building site – part 2

  1. OI You …

    I remember the undue stress I had to endure with UK jet lag – no sleep – on the first day in Syd. Hunting about hardware stores for U bends, silicon, taps etc …… sinks …. now you have thrown it in the skip ….

    Not to mention the orig ceramic number you disposed off ….

    I dont know .. people in Aus are really upside down 🙂

    You better have that kitchen in order for your mum and aunts chrimbo turkey boyho …

    Good Luck,

    xSteph ..

  2. There is a pretty tasty looking Goat over Billy’s fence – I was gonna BBQ it one morning for brekie – better than Lamb ..


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