Been slack

ok ok, I have been super slack. Not a single post since Ivy’s birthday. Been very busy at work, and at home; we’ve been preparing for some building work we’ll be getting done this week, and next week, the week after and the week after that… it will be torturous!

Last weekend Diana and I went to Port Douglas, three hours flying time North, DSCN4059just about at the tip of Eastern Australia in tropical Queensland. Kids stayed with Diana’s Aunt and Uncle, and we were grateful for the break – DSCN4051it was short, but after two peaceful dinners, two   peaceful breakfasts and a bit of a lie in, we didn’t care – roll on  the next time we get a chance to offload the week monkeys for a couple of nights in a tropical paradise!.

Speaking of the monkeys, here are a few pics:

DSCN4082 DSCN4088

One thought on “Been slack

  1. whew !!! I was wondering how many times I could look and there be nothing new. I will let you off as you have been so busy. mind and get that swimming pool built by the time I get there. !!!!!!!!! Ha Ha

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