Poor poorly Ivy, poo poos parents’ port douglas weekend

Fifteen minutes before we HAD to leave the house to catch our 9:15am flight to sunny Cairns, we decided that Ivy was indeed too ill to join Scarlett at Diana’s Aunt and Uncle’s place.. In fact, she was so off sorts that we didn’t even feel comfortable taking her with us. Poor wee Ivy.

Two trips to the GP later and a whole lot more Panadol that’s we’re comfortable giving her and she’s still unwell, suffering a throat infection, fevers on and off and a rash pretty much all over her wee body. All in all I’m glad we didn’t go, we would definitely have had to come straight back given how off colour she is. Peppers Bale Resort Sanctuary

Prognosis is that she will be off her food for another day or two, that the throat infection will clear, and the rash will disappear along with the fevers in the next few hours. Fingers crossed.

Prognosis for us? We’ll stay home, it’ll be 10 or so degrees cooler and someone else will enjoy the accommodation for us 🙂 In fact, it looks like two hot young things already are! Oi, we paid for that, get your hand out of our pool!

2 thoughts on “Poor poorly Ivy, poo poos parents’ port douglas weekend

  1. What a shame for Ivy, hopefully she’ll be fine for her birthday next week, there’ll be plenty more opportunities to go to Port Douglas, it’s a lovely place with some nice restuarants, huge beach too.

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