Packed weekend…

Another fabulous weekend in Sydney, the weather topped all expectations on Saturday hitting a high of 31c; it was still over 20c when we left for Swimming at 7:45am Sunday morning, quite some change a week ago when it was struggling to get above 20c through the day. Bring on Summer.

Saturday kicked off with a facial for Diana, followed by breakfast with Peter, Simone, Emelia and Lucy’. Scarlett just loves Amelia, as you can see in the “odd couple” picture below, these guys are two peas in a pod, meaning they sometimes fight like cat and dog!DSCN3691

Next was a facial for me, before we fled to the beach, for some playtime… DSCN3699








2 thoughts on “Packed weekend…

  1. Hey Bill Diana and children,

    Hope all is good, and I am so glad your enjoying your new role man… That is great news 🙂

    Scarlet and Ivy are certainly growing up quick, good suff, also much better that your home more to spend quaility time with them, and of course the wife ;-).

    Speak soon, give the kids my love…


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