brief update

I am so embarrassed to see how out of date this blog suddenly is that I thought I should add a note… someone suggested to me that I added so many posts while in my previous role that I must have had way too much time on my hands, and, while true, it was because I wiled away so much of my time on planes that I was able to add plenty of posts, rather than because I was work-shy!

So, down to that update… The girls are great, as always:

Ivy is walking really well, up on her feet more often than she crawls, although she’s doing a fair bit of bashing into things; mainly she’s walking into things because she’s looking at whoever is watching her rather than concentrating on where she’s going, and she’s busy flashing a grin, or pretending to be on the phone, or most stupefying of all, walking with her hands behind her head, like she’s relaxing on a beach, showing off her new-found walking skills… It is pretty cute, even if a bit stupid. She’s also saying Ta pretty well, we were worried for a while that her first word was “goat” although even if true we’re going to ignore it! Ta is good enough for us… Since it’s father’s day on Sunday maybe she’ll learn to say Daddy?

Scarlett is also on great form, she seems to know everything, which I expect will be the case until she’s at least 21? Nothing gets past her, especially if Diana or I are trying to sneak a bit of chocolate 🙂 She’s getting good a gymnastics, at least, she can tumble pretty well, and her doggy paddle is coming along after only two years of swimming lessons! She is the most beautiful, loving, precious little princess and she’s getting better, and funnier, and cuter, and lovelier, even if her few years means that she can also be REALLY painful!

Pictures or videos soon, I promise.

6 thoughts on “brief update

  1. well thank goodness. I have gone in faithfully every morning and lunch time to find same old same old. glad to see an update. Have a good fathers day. xxx

  2. It’s nice to see that you are begining to appreciate how wonderful your children can be and how much love and attention you receive from them.

    I am pleased to report that that should continue for many years, ( as you know I have many years experience), but as usual there is a downside as the “Really Painful” side continues also, but hey, swings and roundabouts, in the end the ups always make the downs seem less important so that is fine.

    Keep having fun with them

    Lots of love, Dad, Grandad etc

  3. Billy, I don’t think for a minute you are JUST BEGINNING to appreciate how wonderful your children can be!! HOW PATRONISING.

    Dad, do you think any of your children are wonderful? If you do you hide it well.

    I’m fuming!

  4. from the site/family mediator/moderator; yes, you are both right, I have felt an outpouring of love since the girls entered our lives, and my appreciation of this is far from nascent. And the ups and downs are the terrain on our mountain of family love!

  5. May I say that I didn’t mean my comment to be patronising, if you too it that way Billy I am sorry.

    I will make no more comments

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