Early midlife crisis?

Due to moving office I had to get myself some transport; bought a nice car, 3 or 4 years old, it’s beautiful, immaculate. DSCN3481

The problem is that it’s jet black, Italian and has red leather seats, feels a bit like a cry for help don’t you think? Had the timing been slightly different I could have blamed the Wii Fit for the purchase; last night we tried it for the first time and it “calculated” that my true age was 52! Seems I have matured 15 years without realising it, humph, I may trade the Alfa in for a red Boxster and a bottle of Grecian 2000.

6 thoughts on “Early midlife crisis?

  1. Hey,

    That looks very like a Fiat X19 to me! 🙂 Some fool has stuck the number plate on in the wrong place man …. you will need to fix that out soon ….


  2. They always look nice, Sam had one and I spent all my time trying to keep it on the road, at least polishing it will keep you busy, as if you needed something else.

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