On my way home…

My journey home from Singapore is made notable by the fact that I am flying on the new Airbus A380 super jumbo (the hyperbole is theirs not mine!)… They say this is the most significant aircraft since the jumbo was launched in the early 70’s, but I’m not so sure, it’s all but incremental really… So it is bigger and heavier, but that’s not all that impressive, JAL will run it domestically in full Economy configuration, meaning more than 800 passengers will be on board, but again, so what, the bubble headed 747 takes some 500 in that format, what’s another 300 sardines? No, I’m not ready to be impressed, silly big fat bird will be my bed for the night, and it’d better not be impressive enough to keep me awake, or there will be trouble! Oh, actually, it does have these on board…. they are, eh, interesting.


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