Thoughts on "Progress" Fatigue…

The pace has been nuts these past few weeks and it has taken its toll on Diana and I. I’ve spent the past two weeks more away than home and I’m ready for that to change; Bombay and Seattle topped out a helluva two months, two months that topped a crazy couple of years, two years that followed three just “very busy” years, how fitting. Since come to Australia in January ’05 we have renovated and sold two homes, had two kids and been around the world a couple of times, since January ’07, we renovated and sold one of those houses and had just one of those kids (I should say, Ivy), oh, and in that time I’ve spent one in three of those precious days out of the country – I think we’re a wee bit over it. 

A change will do us good, a change that involves me travelling a wee bit less and seeing the kids a wee bit more and us renovating a bit less and having a bit more free time may even sound like a couple of silver bullets.

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