Homeward bound….


On a flight from Seattle to Los Angeles right now. The views are spectacular as always,  high above the east cost of the US, past Mount Ranier, over the remaining 2/3rds of Mount Saint Helens before descending into LA as the light gives way to dark and the sharp lines of each burb come into view, peppered by a million incandescent street lamps; it’s an amazing sight.

There’s something cathartic about flying, leaving the ground in Seattle the weather was gloomy and miserable, we threw ourselves through thick thunderous clouds to appear on the top-side in sunbathing weather, all in under a minute…

And in the time it’s taken me to pull that paragraph out of my philistine brain, the view on my left as gone from bright tall clouds along side, to darkening, feathered clouds well below, and the telltale strip of haze has appeared as a lead in to night, in less than 10 minutes the sun will be gone, and we’ll be passing through some southbound-accelerated twilight into darkness, flying south is best of all of course, because I’m almost certainly going home.



2 thoughts on “Homeward bound….

  1. I think your about ready to write a travel piece Billy. enjoy your break. look forward to the pics. xxxxx

  2. Wow I agree with your Mum, your writing is inspiring, keep it up and enjoy home, as that is where the heart is. Speak Soon XXX


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