Moyes downunder

Stephan, not best pleased!Great to have Stephan Moyes in Sydney last week, although I suspect he thought living downunder was slightly more relaxing than it is in reality. Timing was poor all round and I feel bad that there was so much going on, but I think it worked out well and he had a good time, but if you know Moyes, you’ll realise that it may be hard to tell. DSCN2945

Moyes is defined by a few things, loyal friend, laid back to the horizontal, resentful Grangemouth dweller, re-educated Network Administrator and, possibly most of all, ex Electrician who hates all electrical work! So I guess that his arriving in Sydney to find that we have a constant stream of Electrical needs was something of an unpleasant surprise, oops – Pure coincidence Steve honest! Anyway, he chipped in with his own inimitable style, and we were grateful for his help. 

One thought on “Moyes downunder

  1. “But if you know Moyes, you’ll realise that it may be hard to tell”

    Thanks ever so much for having me in your home Billy & Dianna, I had a great time in Sydney, only wish I spend more time exploring Gladesville … “they locals will miss me there”

    I do feel it was so good to catch up with you both and seeing Scarlett and Ivy, you both have two special daughters.

    The next time I visit I promise to spend more time in Gladesville and with you four, oh and I will bring some fusewire all the way from sunny Scotland.

    Love n’ Peace ..


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