Update… Ivy crawls, Scarlett continues to surprise

DSCN2932Ivy decided to give up the commando drag she’d spent most of April perfecting in favour of a full on Crawl, typical second child syndrome meant that I don’t even blog this important milestone until half way through May, by which time she has decided she no longer likes being on the floor at all, preferring instead to stand!

So much for the quiet, placid Ivy we once knew, the sibling who was always happy to sit in one spot, quietly watching the F5 tornado that is Scarlett rip through the house, so much too for the tranquil, calm toddler we looked forward to. No, this child is mobile almost a month ahead of her sister, and that’s a scary prospect.


Scarlett continues to cut a dash in the most unusual of outfits, clearly we love her regardless. Her best moment of late was when she slid into the kitchen in nothign but her pants and socks while Diana and I were talking, she held out her hands and said “hey, guys, listen… excuse me guys, stop talking, listen, I need my fairy dress, you seen it?” later that day, she found it. 

2 thoughts on “Update… Ivy crawls, Scarlett continues to surprise

  1. now if you have a third we will not know what it looks like until its 10. poor Ivy all her milestones ignored. I wonder if Scarlett is going to be a designer

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