Somber Note – Madeleine McCann

I listened to an interview on my way to work yesterday with the McCann’s, one year after Madeleine had disappeared… Take all these terrifying thoughts, you left your kids alone as you went out for dinner, your little girl was abducted, there’s no trace, it happened in a foreign country, double that pain as you become a suspect in the eyes of the very people whose energies should be laser focused on finding your little girl, then double it again as your strength and character leads you to be demonised by the predatory UK tabloids casting doubt in the minds of your family, who’s faith you must so desperately need… It’s unimaginable. Reminded me of the Lindy Chamberlin saga, which I don’t know enough about to confidently form a view, however her strength and detachment from the horrors of her ordeal meant she was also demonised by the people she needed…. Too hard to think about.

Madeleine McCann 

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