P.A.P. (Part 1) I will not wear brown daddy! Alright?

Personal Asthetic Preference…


At two years and three months to the day, Scarlett has reached possibly her more important developmental milestone to date, personal aesthetic preference. It’s been brewing for a while, a skirt she wants to wear here, at hat she’d like to wear indoors there, but today was different, and I can’t say that Diana hasn’t warned me… It starts with the clothes I chose to buy Scarlett, gender ambiguous and neutral in colour… Often when I’m in the US or India I buy some bits and pieces for Scarlett, this last trip I bought a few, but all from Gap and pretty much all brown! I like brown, it’s cool, not quite the new black (cause black is the new black you know) but good and neutral and flexible. Well, Scarlett’s not having any of it… When I presented the above hoodie to her, selling her on the neutral colour palate by showing her that the jumper I chose to wear today was also chocolate brown, she said:

“I don’t like it Daddy, I don’t like brown, I like pink. I will not wear brown daddy, ALRIGHT?” (actually, she says something that looks more like “allrIIIIIIIIIIIIght?”)

Well, I think I’ll be returning the hoodie, or leave it in the cupboard in the hope that we have a boy at some point… cause everybody knows that boys aren’t fussy about clothes, right? I mean, ALRIIIGHT??

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