Ivy drawing crowds

Whether due to her porcelain skin, those big round eyes, or China’s One Child Policy, Ivy is drawing crowds, big crowds. We stopped for a while in an area just west of Xintandia to give Ivy some milk, and within a few minutes there were 20 or so locals grinning and clucking to IHT’s great delight (DAT was less delighted, WRT went to take some pics ;-)).  













Ivy’s been commanding a fair bit of attention since we arrived here in Shanghai and I’m not entirely sure why. Sure she’s gorgeous, but that doesn’t explain why a crowd forms whenever we stop in the street, or why when we’re on the underground everyone around needs to make eye contact. It can be unsettling, but mostly it’s flattering… There was one your guy taking photographs of Ivy on his Mobile while we were packed in on the tube, can’t say that’s happened before!

3 thoughts on “Ivy drawing crowds

  1. Shame there are no other comments but i like it and was sent here from mark’s site.
    will keep watching

  2. how strange that folk would just stop and stare you certainly would not get that here I can’t decide if I would like it or not.

  3. yeah, I’m not sure either, however I think as long as it was not threatening, I would probably be proud, pleased and just a tiny bit worried !

    What a great experience overall though….. good on ya

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