What upsets me most, is the likeness…

I’m not sure how much I need to say about this, or for that matter, how much I should say, but here it is, officially the worst photograph ever… Now, the odd thing is that I remember that t-shirt, and I know it didn’t last long, and yet I also remember thinking I was pretty cool around the time I wore it, so, something just doesn’t add up!

Some things never change, and some you can only hope to God do!


At least I can safely say that no one will throw stones at me, since we all have photographs we wish were never taken…..

One thought on “What upsets me most, is the likeness…

  1. now you know why I was always saying you were going to Weedingshall it not that you were misbehaving it was so the fashion police would not get the both of you.

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