Saturday, 26th January – Australia Day

Had a great time on Saturday at Tony & Sue’s wedding in San Souci – south of Sydney.

Found a recipe for success when attending a wedding with a two year old and a 3 month old:

  • Get a good sleep in for the 2 year old before leaving the house
  • Have an outdoor reception, in a park if possible, near a duck pond is even better,
  • Great weather, not too hot around 28c and sunny is best,
  • Have the reception close after in a venue with lots of space and a huge veranda overlooking a river and marina,
  • Lastly, make sure there are lots of friends and family in attendance who are more than happy to dance, run, play and eat with the two year old once you are knackered.
  • No need to worry about the 3 month old, they’re easy!

Good time was had and I think we have some nice pics to show for it….

041 046043





Did I mention the dancing? Oh, well, the the inevitable evolution of any child, from baby to teen seems to need to include a period of over-confident-dancing, well, Scarlett may well have started early, but it seems set to continue… The pictures do not do it justice, it’s very entertaining: The victim in the case of the first picture is Barry, there will be others.

076 082


2 thoughts on “Saturday, 26th January – Australia Day

  1. she was dancing…. “boffing around” and yes, cake monster indeed…. every time she walked past the wedding cake she paused, the cake was accompanied by lots of cup-cakes and she couldn’t help herself….. too much temptation for a simple cake monster.

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