leaving the wacky weather for a few days.

(amended while on the plane)

Off to Korea for a few days where it’s very cold right now…


Leaving my girls is hard, but leaving this weather isn’t…. It’s been MAD…  After the floods on Wednesday (see post below), we had another storm on Saturday afternoon that swept past just south of us but released massive hailstones in Southern Sydney, smashing cars and causing a fair amount of havoc… Adding yet another record to the list of odd weather firsts we’re experiencing here… Scary.



Grinning and bearing flying with Asiana today, Korea’s second national carrier. Flying Asiana means I get to Seoul in 11 hours instead of 15 hours through Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific, my usual route; Now that I’m on board their new plane, it’s actually pretty good… Probably come this way again!…. (NERD TIME: Behind our plane in the picture on the right is Singapore Airlines’ A380, the double decker super jumbo, took off just before us this morning)

PIC-0016December 009

Probably a good thing that Korea’s cold though, it’s good preparation for arriving in Scotland next Wednesday! Back home on Thursday morning, then four more sleeps before we depart for blighty!

Weather in Seoul – ug.image

One thought on “leaving the wacky weather for a few days.

  1. Well, Flying off into the cold will certainly prepare you for our weather. Is it likley to be snowing there? as you know we are unlikely to get snow here in Grangemouth. There has been a little round about, but none here.

    Really looking forward to seeing you all next week, take care, my thoughts are with you, love Dad and all here.

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