Getting ready

We are getting ourselves pack up and ready to go, by Monday at 2:00pm Sydney time I hope we are in good shape as we will need to head off to the airport by then for our 5:30pm flight to Singapore.

In addition to the logistical nightmare that is flying two kids half way around the world, we also have people staying at our house while we are away, meaning we actually need to leave the place tidy! Lastly, there’s the marked change in weather we’ll face…

We’ve been trying to get Ivy ready for the cold these past couple of days!


Upcoming UK trip, itinerary – updated 22nd December

Unlike our last trip to the UK in July ’06, we will be trying to relax whilst in the UK this year (Instead of darting off to the continent for a few days holiday like last time)… We have a draft itinerary below that I am posting here as much for our own reference as anyone else’s…

Here goes, current plan of record:


17th : Depart SYDNEY : QF 031, 5:50pm


18th : Arrive London   : 6:20am

  • pickup hire car
  • breakfast in London
  • drive to Nottingham
  • arrive in Nottingham
  • booked apartment in Nottingham

19th : Hanging around Nottingham with Jen and Barbara before driving to Scotland

  • D835ScotlandSignVisit Gran, Hammy & Lisa
  • Lunch at Barbara, Jonny, Louis, Finlay & Charlie’s place

20th – 24th : Christmas Shopping in Edinburgh and Glasgow

  • Visit Steve, John Barrie, Elaine and David for Christmas cheer!

25th : Christmas day, not sure what we’re doing

26th – 30th : chilling, catching up with friends and family and shopping

  • 27th : Visiting Jayne, Graeme and family in Glasgow 

31st : NYE, Party at my Mum’splace

1st – 2nd : no plans

3rd : Meeting Nicholas Gray, possibly in Glasgow

4th : Scarlett’s Birthday! In Scotland

5th & 6th : hang about in London, catch up with Friends

  • Meet with Peter & Katrina, Pete & Alan

7th : Depart London Heathrow at 10pm, QF010

leaving the wacky weather for a few days.

(amended while on the plane)

Off to Korea for a few days where it’s very cold right now…


Leaving my girls is hard, but leaving this weather isn’t…. It’s been MAD…  After the floods on Wednesday (see post below), we had another storm on Saturday afternoon that swept past just south of us but released massive hailstones in Southern Sydney, smashing cars and causing a fair amount of havoc… Adding yet another record to the list of odd weather firsts we’re experiencing here… Scary.



Grinning and bearing flying with Asiana today, Korea’s second national carrier. Flying Asiana means I get to Seoul in 11 hours instead of 15 hours through Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific, my usual route; Now that I’m on board their new plane, it’s actually pretty good… Probably come this way again!…. (NERD TIME: Behind our plane in the picture on the right is Singapore Airlines’ A380, the double decker super jumbo, took off just before us this morning)

PIC-0016December 009

Probably a good thing that Korea’s cold though, it’s good preparation for arriving in Scotland next Wednesday! Back home on Thursday morning, then four more sleeps before we depart for blighty!

Weather in Seoul – ug.image