Keeping in touch with home…

Being away this week is completely different from previous trips for two reasons; Diana is at home with two instead of one, makes a massive difference I’d imagine although she’s managed not to lay the guilt too heavily on me! And, well, speaking to Scarlett on the phone… it’s GREAT…. So amazing being able to keep in touch with my little girl from anywhere, even if most of what she says is unintelligible… here’s a transcript of our earlier conversation with translations where I think necessary:

  • b: Hey sweetheart
  • s: Hi
  • b: Is that Scarlett?
  • s: yesss, Scarlett
  • b: How are you?
  • s: Good daddy
  • b: what have you…
  • s: (interupts) Ivy sleeping
  • b: is she?
  • s: yes, sleeping, Ivy, toilet
  • b: toilet?
  • s: toilet, poo (Diana is in the background, tells me Scarlett did her first poo in the toilet!)
  • b: that’s great, great
  • s: poo, toilet, poo

etc etc…. then she says “bye daddy, plane, korea, bye”… and gives me a kiss… just amazing this parenting lark.

One thought on “Keeping in touch with home…

  1. thats funny. actually I was surprized how well she spoke and also her counting is great. what intelligent grandchildren I have wonder who they take that off.

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