Home at the range

Diana and Ivy came home on Thursday after two nights in hospital, the whole “event” of coming home is so much less significant for the second child (as Ivy is now known) which is a decent metaphor for all things relating to the poor younger sibling.

For instance, we took a trip to a shopping centre yesterday (Saturday), we did the same thing with Scarlett when she was 3 or 4 days old, that trip was planned out with military precision, emergency outfits, food and water for us, location of the parents’ room sourced and familiarised,  route planned etc, timing identified to ensure we met the feed window the moment we reached the parents’ room etc etc…

With Ivy, we were bored, we needed some stuff, we went to the shops, she came along. You get the idea.

Since coming home things have been good, we’ve had a stead procession of friends come through to see Ivy, and Scarlett’s been great with her little sister. Sleep has been somewhat as expected with Ivy demanding two feeds between midnight and 8:00am, each time she’s sleepign within 30 minutes. We like that, long may it continue. 

Pictures from the past few days below.

2 thoughts on “Home at the range

  1. Cute pics, Scarlett does not look too put out 🙂

    Ivy looks so small, it’s amazing,

    It’s nice to hear that things get better over time !

    You lot have fun, Love to all

  2. if you did not know that was ivy you would think it was scarlett. do you think they are alike. funny how things are easier with the second one. the pictures look lovely.

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